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10 Contemporary Living Room Friendly for Children

10 Contemporary Living Room Friendly for Children

Less formal and more comfortable than the living room, and, more importantly, optimized for family fun and social gatherings – there are reasons why family rooms are the most popular places in the house. To see how designers create spaces that feel adult and child-friendly, we put together twenty-three contemporary family rooms that fit the bill. From colorful to monochrome, spacious to small, and everything in between, each of these contemporary family rooms inspires stylish multigenerational bonds. So keep reading to get your family room in prime condition both functionally and formally with examples of contemporary designs, shopping tips, and style ideas.

1. Use Kid-Friendly Colors

To ensure that the family room is a space that everyone can use and relax, the design firm 2LG Studio is decorated with adult accents, child-friendly colors and durable staples. Results? A comfortable and timeless space, yet pleasant and contemporary. If you are not ready to paint a statement wall, start by experimenting with a pleasant pillow for the color pop-up

2. Create a Sense of Place

In this beach house, designer Vanessa Alexander makes the family room feel luxurious and sophisticated but simple, livable and coastal. That’s thanks to the elegant low profile sofa, the updated finish, and the charming wall art, which is then softened by luxurious carpets and water-inspired pillows. And of course, the pool table in the back immediately started the party.

3. Incorporate Whimsical Motifs

Choose staples that are versatile and timeless, then connect a few child-friendly accents for a pleasant touch. Bonus points for animal motifs. In this space designed by Hecker Guthrie, the designer did it in the form of a bubblegum pink version of the Charles and Ray Eames gum. If you decide to start feeling too young over time, you can easily exchange it for other feces – even though we think it’s suitable for all ages!

4. Play Up Existing Features

The fireplace in the room designed by GRT Architects was made for family gatherings. If you have a great fireplace like this, make it more interesting: lean a few instruments against the wall and make sure there is plenty of sitting space. Colorful accented chairs and zebra-print throw pillows are an unexpected and welcome spark of energy. For the same look and feel, paint your walls and bright white ceilings so that all the fun decorations can really erupt and energize the entire family room.

5. Display Your Children’s Artwork

Frame your children’s best work of art and display it proudly. This will help you keep their work forever and can look smooth when done professionally with a clean and modern frame and then arranged in a classic floor-to-ceiling box. Consider the charming contemporary family room designed by Lilly Bunn.

6. Float Your Furniture

Combining sweet pastels and cheerful colors to create a pleasant and soothing environment with many styles. Resist the urge to push all your furniture against the wall. If you create space behind furniture, it makes the room look more spacious than before. In the living room designed by 2LG Studio, a floating sofa separates the lounge area from the kitchen and dining room. Also, say yes to coloring.

7. Mix Different Patterns

The family room designed by Studio DB has become a strong container for combining patterns. This is also the perfect room for displaying family photos. Make them look taller by arranging them in a photo gallery mixed with other works of art. Then add modern lights for smoother results.

8. Have Fun With Accents

A little modern, a little bohemian. What is not to be loved? Designed by Jessica Bunge from Emily Henderson Design, this space is a lesson in combining unexpected colors, materials and styles. Combining more sophisticated items with traditional vintage and classic items will make it feel like a home that can grow with you for years. Whatever you do, make sure it suits your personal style.

9. Optimize It for Parties

This is no ordinary family room, this is a cool family room. Designed by Emily Henderson, fully anti-party and multigenerational. With a home bar and ping pong table mounted just outside the lounge area, it feels united and stylish while remaining conducive to child-friendly and adult-friendly pleasures.

10. Hang Large Scale Artwork

In a medium sized family room, maximize square footage by sticking to the basics. You need a small but very comfortable sofa, a large armchair and a coffee table. Then make it feel elevated and personalized by hanging large-scale artwork on the couch, as was done in the family room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors. This is a great way to use wall space when your room is small but the ceiling is high.