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10 Dining Room Ideas For Exciting

10 Dining Room Ideas For Exciting

Whether you use it every day or save it for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, there is one room in your home that can be a little complicated for style: your dining room. That’s why we put together this best dining room idea so you can finally find out what to do with the room, no matter the size.

1. Colorful Chairs

Use bright colors to make the dining room chair appear in an otherwise simple space. The thick red chairs around this table look very neat on dark wood.

2. Bright Upholstery

This dining room has a farmhouse-meeting-farm atmosphere that will look pleasant in a cute and comfortable home.

3. Trestle Table

This practical table design originated in the Middle Ages (can be seen in the medieval emblem) when it replaced the single dining surface with a common gathering place for sharing food.

4. Nature-Inspired Vintage Florals

Grow a vertical garden in the room with a rambling wine wallpaper. The small-scale pattern provides a background that is sufficiently muted for bold statement pieces, such as vintage metal trays that feature thick buds. The quartet of soft gray Windsor chairs and proper footstools for heirlooms balance the play patterns on the walls.

5. Equestrian Elegance

For the best farmhouse style breakfast room, the homeowner combines a long table with antique pedestals with antique back seats and Windsor chairs and polished nickel pendants that generate a supply of equestrian equipment.

6. A Modern Spin

The owner of this Massachusetts cabin house spends money on a marble-coated Saarinen table, $ 2,800 at a local antique shop. Vico Magistretti designed the molded plastic chair in the 1960s. The wood-veneer chandelier comes from Design Within Reach.

7. Reinventing the Hallway

Instead of wasting the vast hallway of Austin’s small house as a warehouse for coats and keys, the owners re-imagined it as a dining room. “Marco [Rini] found a narrow French tailor table from the 1840s where the silk scrolls would be opened,” explained the owner of Tim Cuppett. “We pair it up with cheap Crate & Barrel chairs and benches.”

8. Summer Cabin Dining

This house on the shores of the north Georgia lake houses three dozen guests each summer so there must be room for everyone. The dining table is a redesigned table; Beaver Creek Furniture makes chairs.

9. Beach House Dining Room

Instead of tearing the dirty floor tiles of a room, this East Hampton beach house owner scrubbed for days to reveal a beautiful checkerboard pattern. Blue chairs, $ 199 each, made by Crate & Barrel; also a $ 1,000 table and $ 600 cabinet.

10. Casual Dining

The pared-down architecture, which suggests a rural church, fits in with the less serious approach of Martha’s Vineyard cottage. The dining table is made of wooden sailboats in the 1920s.