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10 Strikingly-Modern Dining Room Ideas

10 Strikingly-Modern Dining Room Ideas

Whether you entertain colleagues or invite big families, the designer dining room is always impressive. No longer just for family dinners, the dining room can be a main feature of specially cooked dishes, or just a platform for wine and several other dishes. Rediscover your love of entertainment with fifty dining rooms that inspire our admiration. All modern in appearance, they combine open brick walls with complex chairs, sloping ceilings with tinted glass and pendant lighting with the most beautiful dining surfaces. Find the style that best suits your interior, for an inspiring space that makes your meal time delicious.

1. Illuminated Metal Beams

We have never seen a better way to use the loft. This curved space exploits what appears to be damaging to its full effect, with a burning metal beam making waves in the kitchen. Painted wood floors and monochrome furniture make the structure a hero.

2. Neutral in White

Another ceiling forms a triangle in this bright, white dining room. Folding together like origami, the walls remain neutral in white, while the inset bulb has full-size windows, books and wooden tables. The red flower offerings on the kitchen bench were tied to chairs.

3. Scandinavian Pastels

Scandinavian pastels never go out of style. Responding with mint candy in the lounge, the beautiful lemon chair matches the lighting of the plastic dome and wooden furniture, for a colorful display that is easy on the eyes.

4. Stencils a Space

Blue is not always the right choice, but in this design, it shines. Paired with unusual rafting ceilings and exposed bricks, modern furniture stencils become a dining room, displaying a bright blue cabinet. A row of blown glass vases and indoor potted plants place them.

5. Monochrome Dining area

Looking for something a little more minimalist? This monochrome dining room has all textures, without color. The sloping black floor houses eight black silicon chairs, while a white frame table surrounds them. Colored glass pendants fall precisely from the ceiling, dealing directly with simple accessories.

6. Beautiful Filigree

Let your dining chair take over the room. This beautiful filigree chair is perfect for large wall clocks and black dome lighting.

7. Stunning Living Wall

Make your dining room stand out, with a stunning living room wall. Comfortable to paper lanterns and shelves full of books, white tables, simple chairs and sprigged glass vases give this green dominance feature.

8. Charcoal walls

JH Formakami Pendant has a life of its own in this strange dining atmosphere. Charcoal walls with minimal artwork mute the background, while terracotta leather chairs and central water jugs face the ceiling.

9. Red induces hunger

Red triggers hunger, passion and desire. Bring the senses to your dinner time, with this delicious upholstered chair accompanied by a crystal chandelier, marble facade, and two sets of climbing orchids.

10. Stencilling

Stencilling is an elegant way to make your dining room more modern. Framing kitchen cabinets, benches and dining room furniture in black and white, hanging kitchen cabinets and rows of magnetic lighting make it look sleek and sleek.