10 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

10 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so give your room a decent design upgrade with some easy decoration improvements. Fresh ornamental plants, thick carpets, and smart storage swaps will refresh the powder room in minutes, or invest in total repairs for greater impact. Add more zen to your night with a stand-alone bathtub or make the morning routine easier by adding a sink. Placing colorful tiles, adding wallpapers, or replacing hardware can make the big visual changes you are looking for.

When you design your bathroom, consider how to make the space work for you – whether you prefer to hide clutter in a storage basket or display your favorite products and fold linen neatly on an open shelf. Bright white walls will always look fresh and clean, but don’t forget to add vibrant tiles, towels or carpets to make the colors appear. They will warm the room and turn it into a more comfortable retreat. Even painting paint with saturated colors can create a more interesting vibration.

1. Touch of Greenery

Lush plants, colorful rugs, and unexpected window treatments make the bathroom feel as decorative as other parts of the house. Try orchids in small pots or asparagus nails in the corner (both will flourish in humidity) or reach new heights with fig leaf figs.

2. Bathtub Shelf

A simple shelf above the tub provides a place for fresh flowers and scented candles – plus a glass of wine when it comes time to relax.

3. Repurposed Hutch

Although you usually find kitchen cabinets in the dining room, these cabinets get a new life in the bathroom as a center for towel storage and supplies.

4. Dramatic Lighting

The dining room should not monopolize the chandelier. Glam overhead lighting can set the mood in the bathroom too.

5. Floral Wallpaper

This is your chance to add blooming flowers to your bathroom. Choose the type of peel-and-stick for a low commitment makeover.

6. Impromptu Towel Rack

Instead of hiding your prettiest linen in the cupboard, put it on display through wooden stairs. In a spacious beach house, the upgraded towel bar stands within reach of a freestanding tub.

7. Antique Rug

There is no furniture that is more flexible than a small table. Here, a wooden bench serves to hold potted plants, candles, and other spa staples.

8. Soothing Lavender

Purple gave rise to an association with luxury and royalty, so what hue is better for increasing your space with?

9. Bold Ceiling

The dark paint above adds an unexpected element to this bathroom wallpaper. Choose the version that is more saturated than what is already on your wall for couples who do not fail.

10. Painted Tub

Walls aren’t the only place you can pick brushes. The cool blue color at the bottom of the clawfoot tub refreshes the room like a spa.