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10 Stylish Gray Living Room

10 Stylish Gray Living Room

Need to change your living room, but not sure where to start? Select gray to color it. No longer associated with basements, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, gray is a very earthy color, making your furniture look contemporary without a big risk in design. Cut a Lego-style staircase into a concrete pivot wall, in the middle of a relaxed L chair. Go fifty darker colors, with charcoal leather sofas, LED-lit bookcases and a roaring fire all in tone. Brighten up with light gray walls, framed monochrome prints and cornered Corinthian columns. Easily achieve cool excellence, the latest with our forty gray living room as your inspiration.

1. The tropical

Combine gray and green together for a fresh look. Tropical and pineapple leaves in this gray and white interior make a splash on an open brick wall, two gray backrests and two Scandinavian nesting coffee tables built to fit.

2. Six Monochrome

The gray living room has many styles. This light gray figure simulates Scandinavia with six monochrome prints, two square leather chairs and structured rectangular furniture. The Greek column fireplace in the corner adds a touch of more character. Take a look at 50 of our Scandinavian Inspirational Spaces for more interiors in this theme.

3.  Lounge in grey

Be simple but functional with a gray lounge. The slick concrete feature walls of the black-gray interior are peppered with artful stairs, L-gray chairs and abstract oval coffee tables.

4. Decor Employs

Gray is the right place for a modern living room. This decoration uses a chandelier to light up a gray sofa, floor and back with a matching kitchen bench and red and blue sprinkles. Turkish rugs and floral patterns add patterns to form.

5. Grey walls

Gray walls don’t need to be dark. The bright and bright lounge is motivated by almost white tiles, an L suede padded chair, and pop pastels on pink chairs and cream prints. The multi-jointed lamp to the side extends beside the paint splattered table leg.

6. Shades of grey

Use many shades of gray. This room combines fingerprint art, gray tiled floors, corrugated iron walls, and marble fireplaces to make gray with green vines look very sophisticated.

 7. Modern Fireplace

Go dark for the best in the living room class. Modern inset fireplaces, LED-lit shelves and charcoal leather sofas frame the black velvet carpet and acrylic coffee table. A lighter, textured wallpaper in the center focuses the eyes when the window light comes in.

8. Patterns and Textures

Gray allows your living room to accommodate more patterns and textures. The lounge is peppered with wood chips, layered rugs, delicate bookshelves, and soft canvas. A single orchid to the side adds polish.

9. Abstract Artwork

Let the texture be your focal point. Featuring abstract artwork in the center, rough wall tiles, suede seating, and wool rugs hold more than a few comfortable touches in spacious and spacious rooms. See our living room wall texture posts for more focused inspiration.

10. Darker Grey Room

After the family room with large wall art? This darker gray room is a lesson in using color, because the walls stretch out smoothly in light and dark panels. Canvas painter finds a friend on two bright orange pillows and a stencil coffee table.