Dining Room

15 Attractive Design for Dining Room

15 Attractive Design for Dining Room

A source of furniture, material inspiration, and everything you need to start planning for your next big redesign. Or, if you are lucky enough to have the dining room industry of your dreams, you might find some fresh ideas to complete the look. With so many differences in the decoration industry, there is something here for everyone. Which dining room design is your favorite.

1. Open Concept Dining Area With Contemporary Furnishings

The open concept kitchen flows seamlessly into this dining room, which features a long dining table and sleek dining chairs. Three pendants provide stylish lighting, and a large window offers a stunning view.

2. Open Air Dining Room

Connected to the terrace, the dining room invites nature to open in a large sliding glass door that opens to show a beautiful view of the city.

3. White Mediterranean Dining Room With Blue Chandelier

A round table keeps the dinner party intimate in this dining room which also features a blue glass chandelier and an extraordinary blue painted buffet.

4. Silver and Gold Art Deco Dining Room

This formal dining room sets a timeless and sophisticated look with gold cross-legged wallpaper offset by gray. A crystal chandelier is the crowning glory of the room.

5. Open Concept Coastal Dining Space

The traditional wooden dining table is furnished with padded striped chairs and neutral benches in this beach-inspired dining room. The open concept space is divided by faded green shutters with large framed art in dark blue and white.

6. Geometric Wallpapers Creating a Focal Point in the Modern Dining Room

Designers use geometrically patterned wallpapers to create a focal point in the dining room. This wall also attracts the eye in the living room, helping the room feel more connected.

7. Neutral Dining Room With White Chairs

This dining room is enchanting with mother of pearl tiles and sparkling chandeliers. However, this space is also practical for beach life with durable outdoor chairs from Kravet.

8. White Traditional Contemporary Dining Room

For a pair of young homeowners, the designer of this home wanted the dining room to feel playful, stylish and a bit more youthful. Putting a darker color on the ceiling, then painting the walls fresh white cozies up the space while maintaining an open feel. A few bold accents—like the leopard print curtains—add edge.

9. Dining Space With Modern Shapes

Bright red chandeliers and colorful wall art make this modern dining room popular. Illuminated by natural light from ceiling-high windows, this room features many contemporary touches, from patterned carpets to minimalist white dining chairs.

10. Contemporary Dining Room in Waterfront Home

Long and contemporary tables with waterfront views can serve a variety of purposes, from dining to playing to making games. Outside, other tables allow to eat al fresco. Long and modern fireplaces add to the literal comfort and warmth.

11. Dining Room with Pendant Lights and Large Mirror

The large mirror on the console table reflects round lights, making the room look longer. Pale shades of gray and white combined with light wood tones from the wooden dining table and beams give the dining room a calm, casual feel.

12. Fashionable Dining Room With Graphic Black & White Wallpaper

The dining room displays style with graphic black and white wallpapers that renew space and add interest. A non-upholstered and neutral dining chair with white decoration provides comfortable seating around a thick traditional wooden table.

13. Eclectic Breakfast Nook With Green Shade

For breakfast corners with basic white walls, bright neon accessories fill the room with life! The window cavity gets yellowish green and blue graphic print; sunflower yellow dining chair.

14. Blue Coastal Dining Room With Wallpaper

The dining room doesn’t mind sandy feet with the wooden floor and natural fiber rugs. On the table, candlesticks in beautiful pastel mixes add colorful centers.

15. Formal Dining Room

Dark wood elements, such as fireplaces, floors and chairs, add to the impression of comfort and warmth. Two elegant chandeliers hung from the ceiling of the inverted tray.