5 2020 Bathroom Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

5 2019 Bathroom Trends: What's In and What's Out

The kitchen might be the heart of the house, but the bathroom is clearly a muscle. After all, which room in your house doubles as a dog wash and dressing place? Of course, making your bathroom one of your favorite rooms in your home has a lot to do with its style and function. When you try to create a bathroom that is fashionable and functional, you are curious about all the latest 2019 bathroom trends. We have gathered some trends that are on their way and some on their way out.

1. Instead of paint, try statement wallpaper

After years out, the wallpaper returns to the big road. And while you might not want to commit to wallpaper in a large space like your living room, the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment. Try statement wallpapers in the powder room by choosing bold graphic prints with lots of contrast. Instant style updates!

2. Instead of gray, try black

This is one of the oldest interior design suggestions: use brighter colors to make the room feel bigger. But a darker color can actually bring depth, which is a good choice for the bathroom. Skip gray and paint one black wall to make the room feel deeper, or choose black fixtures to increase contrast and draw attention to room features.

3. Instead of glam, try industrial

The Glam bathroom (imagine pink lights, heavy lights, and gold features) is on its way out. One of the biggest bathroom trends in 2019 is the opposite of glam. Industrial chic means heavier, metallic, and more masculine aesthetics. Something as simple as swapping lighting or even leaving the pipe open makes the bathroom look more stylish.

4. Instead of a console vanity, try a floating vanity

Vanity consoles are inexpensive and easy to find. But for some bathrooms, they can look stiff and limit storage options. For a 2019 bathroom trend update, see floating vanity. By sticking the dressing table directly into the wall, the results are sleek and modern. A floating vanity also allows you to store small items in it while slipping larger items (think of it like a baby or stool) underneath.

5. Instead of stained cabinets, try natural wood

The natural wood tone is great again. If your goal is to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, light-stained natural wood is a good choice. This looks best when accented with lightweight tiles and other natural elements such as bamboo or cotton. Try choosing a light pine vanity or carrying natural tones with wooden shelves piled high with soft towels.