5 Alternative Ideas for Bedside Tables

5 Alternative Ideas for Bedside Tables

Of all the problems that might arise in the room, the most life-changing, tragic thing is having to get out of bed because now it is within reach to put your night light, a glass of water, reading material, or whatever else that makes you go through the night. In other words, there is no reason not to have a bedside table. Good news? In this category, your options are almost unlimited. Whether you are looking for style inspiration or you need to be creative because you don’t want to spend money on one or don’t have room for more furniture, you are in the right place. Keep reading for twenty alternative bedside table ideas, plus some ordinary ideas for traditionalists out there.

1. A Console Table

With two twin beds on the wall, keep it slim and clutter free with one console table in between.

2. A Bar Cart

The bedside table (from our Whole Home concept home) is actually a bar cart! This bedroom by Jackson Paige Interiors proves that anything can be a side table if you want it (well, to a certain extent, but you get the idea).

3. A Floating Shelf

Secure floating shelves or small floating tables to the wall to save floor space but still have a place to put your important items at night. In this minty monochromatic bedroom designed by 2LGStudio, a pint-sized floating table breaks the walls well.

4. A Classic Nightstand

Bigger than a desk and smaller than a dressing table, this is Goldi Locks from a bedside table. With three spacious drawers and a slim shape, it creates a perfect balance between form and function. It also complements the color scheme and adds a touch of contemporary style to the oasis designed by Heidi Caillier.

5. A Garden Stool

When what you need is a little extra space for thin lights and maybe glass, choose a park bench. The whirlpool of peaches and mint on this modern bench adds a little color to the minimalist environment designed by Tamsin Johnson. The bench, along with the brass lamps, was a welcome surprise that warmed the cold white and gray bed.