5 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

5 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

There is no reason at all that a small bedroom – even a very small bedroom – cannot be as beautiful, relaxing, and just as full of personality as a much bigger space. (For proof, see Laura Stein Interiors’ elegant bedroom shown here.) The trick to creating a beautiful bedroom when square footage is limited is to make use of the space you have intelligently, keep furniture scaled into the room, and most of all , don’t be afraid to show off your decorating meat.

1. Save Floor Space With Built-Ins

Most of the time, a small bedroom means an equally small closet. A great solution to this common problem is to combine built-in storage around the head of the bed, as in this quiet space designed by Chris Ebert of Normandy Remodeling. If the default is not an option, look for a bookshelf that fits in the room.

2. An Elegant Master Bedroom

If you think a small master bedroom can’t be the same as the elegance of the big rooms you see on Pinterest or in a shiny interior decoration magazine, every time you see the beautiful blue, beige and gray bedroom Steven Ford Interior will change you mind. Is amazing

3. Neutrals Done Right

Think neutral rooms have to be boring? Then look at this masculine, relaxed, and chic bedroom from architect and designer Patrick Brian Jones. When the palette is quiet, the use of smart subtle patterns adds interest without straining a small space. Contrasted blankets with contrasting colors add tenacity to the foot of the bed.

4. Soothing Green and White Bedroom

Most people want their bedroom to be a soothing and relaxing resting place. If that’s your goal, then consider green and white for your palette. Add a touch of botany on the bed, like in a room from Elson Viscusi’s Interior Design shown here, along with a sunburst mirror showstopper, stylish Roman shades, and relaxing cottage-white furniture, and the result is a room that calms your mind and refreshes you. your senses. Beautiful

5. Match Furniture and Wall Color

While it’s generally true that large furniture doesn’t work in small spaces, there are always exceptions. For example, the canopy bed here is almost as big as a small bedroom, but instead of being narrow, the space looks perfect. The secret is in the simple, clean lines of the bed, along with the whiteness that matches the walls to eliminate contrast.