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5 Purple Living Room Ideas That Are Easy To Live

5 Purple Living Room Ideas That Are Easy To Live

We are not talking about that fierce, yellowish purple color that we all liked a few years ago, but plums that are softer and easier to live with a line between feminine and masculine for a feeling of grace that you can enjoy. in all directions, from shabby chic to smart and contemporary. Worried it will look murky? Only your purple living room team with the right neutral and fearless accents …

1. Choose mellow brown tones

Avoid genuine purple and choose lavender, light brown to give your room a color that is sexually sophisticated, but not scary. Mixed with rich and brass accents, it has a modern glamor, or rustic it turns with gray and wood, as we have done here.

2. Mix jewel colour with boho style

Take jewelery colors and detail the painter’s boho style, but place it with contemporary furniture and not country or vintage pieces. I will give your room a collection of characters and eclectic vibes that are easy to develop. The trick is to coat the dark, medium and light colors, adding a lot of white and pale gray so it doesn’t overwhelm. Here the washing of water colors and oil painting prints is the key to creating a successful boho style. And why not include a large chandelier for instant va-va-voom?

3. Decorate with dusky purple

Dusty purple is very rich and indulgent, they give a truly luxurious look, with luxurious velvet, upholstery, thick curtains, marble, and a touch of old gold. Choose a matt, flat and chalky color for purple paint or it will look old-fashioned, but make the color come alive with lots of texture in the room. Bursts of turquoise accents are fresh enough to penetrate and cool the shades of purple and pink.

4. Keep it cosy

Combine the winter palette of claret and plum with a simple wooden texture for a comfortable cottage style. Prevent the color scheme from being overdrive by using violet, brown and gray for accessories and other elements in the room. The decayed wooden coffee table will balance the appearance. Take it out with autumn nature prints to enhance the rustic cottage style and snuggle with lots of warm throws and blankets.

5. Stick to accessories and soft furnishings

If going for the purple living room is too risky for you, consider bringing it to soft accessories and furnishings for a smooth touch. Neutral tones and luxurious soft furnishings give this stylish living room a homely feel. Purple carpets provide a foundation for schemes that increase the impact of pale walls and sofas. While chandeliers and fancy curtain fabrics are a touch of luxury; the pink color on the odd pillow and the lampshade is a tone that does not match the message that elevates the scheme above the usual. At least this way, if you are bored, you can easily change the appearance in an instant.