5 Romantic Bedroom Ideas That Set Your Mood

5 Romantic Bedroom Ideas That Set Your Mood

Above all, the main bedroom must emit a romantic vibe (and not just for aesthetic purposes). Think of fancy throwing, gauzy canopy beds, mood lighting, and evocative artwork. From modern and unexpected spaces to classic sanctuaries, see these romantic bedroom ideas for couples and singles. Then all you have to do is turn off the lights.

1. Highlight Repeating Motifs

With repetitive motifs in the form of soft curved lines and a balanced color palette of cold blush-beige and cool white with darker darker blue accents, interior designer Heather Hilliard creates a romantic atmosphere – but not on your face – romantic in this master bedroom.

2. Add Special Lighting

A hotel room always feels a little gloomier and more romantic than an average bedroom. So why not bring notes to take home? Firehouse Hotel was designed by ETC.etera is a perfect example. Moroccan chandeliers add a touch of brass while also illuminating beautiful patterns throughout the room. Perfect for mood lighting!

3. Display Fluffy Florals

Roses are red and violets are blue, but have you met the most romantic flowers of all? We are talking about fine and fine dried plants known as pampas grass. Corinne Marthern displays it in this California bedroom for minimalist romance.

4. Lacquer Your Walls

High-gloss lacquer paint will make any room feel slim and sexy in an instant. And in red like this, everything will get hotter. Because the walls are very thick, use classic ivory beds and traditional sconces to polish everything.

5. Emit a Rosy Glow

In this bedroom designed by Arent & Pyke, luxury rugs almost look colorful, exuding a sense of luxury and comfort. Textured panel headboards introduce perfect contrast. For the final touch of romance, hang a pink sheer that creates a reddish light throughout the room.