5 Simple Minimalist Tile Ideas That Can Lead To Your Dream Bathroom

5 Simple Minimalist Tile Ideas That Can Lead To Your Dream Bathroom

Improving your bathroom (or your kitchen) is one of the surest ways to increase the value of your home while increasing your daily living space. It’s a win-win, really. But the increase in value is directly related to whether you can create designs that will captivate prospective buyers once you decide to sell. Although there are a ton of decisions that must be taken during the renovation process – dressers, taps, drains, and more – one of the most important decisions is tile.

1. Hexagon Tiles

Large hexagon tiles can bring spacious sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen – and the color path is up to you. Add life to your space by choosing thick moss green or going with a black classic like striking. Brands like Clé Tile have a variety of color choices.

2. Stacked Square Tiles

If you are a minimalist who likes bold statements, try stacked square tiles that were approved in the 90s in one or two smaller sizes. Choose any color, from simple black or white to bubblegum pink or navy blue to give your room a little punch. Just remember to bring this tile to the ceiling.

3. Zellige Tiles

For a soft texture and instant sophistication, try Moroccan Zellige tiles which are increasingly popular with soft tones such as blue-gray or gray. These very shiny terra-cotta textured tiles will give your patina space and visual interest while still feeling quite minimal for peeled spaces.

4. Penny Round Tiles

Want to revive an old classic? Do as designer Ashe + Leandro in the bathroom above, and choose a floor made of round cent tiles. Striking black tiles combined with black marble are an easy way to make your space feel luxurious and elegant. What you will save on this affordable tile choice you can later use for vintage marble and brass accents.

5. Stacked Subway Tiles

Take notes from Sarah Sherman Samuel’s manual, and try the subway tiles that are colored vertically – like a designer installed in Mandy Moore’s main bathroom. By displaying different tiles and choosing colors other than white, subway tiles have a completely updated and polished look.