5 The Coziest Bedrooms Ever Ideas

5 The Coziest Bedrooms Ever Ideas

In theory, your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home, but it’s easy to sacrifice comfort when your design aesthetics come into play. It takes literally every day of the week – but that doesn’t have to be a problem. This bedroom proves you can have all the comfortable vibrations, and all the beauty in one. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes much more difficult.

1. Pretty In Pastels

Soft blue and pink add dimension without sweeping this room. The panels are thin and the wrought iron bed to the cottage is a vibe.

2. Genie In A Bottle

No one would have thought this room used to be a sad little attic. With a dressing room below and a place to sleep at the top, this two-level bedroom is a boho dream come true.

3. Texture For Days

Nothing makes you want to curl up in bed like a soft texture. Even though this room is OTT glam, velvet headboards and fake fur blankets make it another comfort level.

4. Linen Love

How to make a small bedroom even more comfortable: linen walls. The texture feels more comfortable than traditional wallpaper.

5. Balls To The Wall(paper)

Flower wallpaper transforms a small living room into a Hollywood Hills farmhouse into a romantic resting place. The pattern gives the room so much texture, it feels friendly and inviting.