6 Ways to Turn On Your Bedroom Wall

6 Ways to Turn On Your Bedroom Wall

Decorating your walls is an important step of the interior design process, but feels very important in the bedroom, because no one wants to get up in a plain white box. Indeed, if your bedroom feels unfinished, it is likely due to lack of wall decor. Whether you are working on a tight budget, considering plunging in with some wallpaper, or looking for creative display art inspiration, bedroom wall decorating ideas approved by this designer will help you liven up your space.

1. Mount a Sculpture

Bright patterns and colors make this room designed by Kelly Hohla. Metal accents actually emerge and the brutal sculpture adds dimension while the layers of textile keep the softness. And of course, the pleasant wallcovering itself is a work of art.

2. Add Texture

In this bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, dark, long and sleek wooden panels present grit and polish while luxurious red chairs and luxurious beige carpets create warmth.

3. Mimic a Mural

If your painting skills are lacking, ask someone else to make a mural for you, or you can even try a cool temporary wallpaper. Here, Studio DB chose a very painter’s blue wallpaper.

4. Hang a Textile

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home, so just bring it there with textile wall hangings. In this eclectic bedroom designed by Janie Molster, Suzani contrasts with abstract wall art and traditional carpets and curtains.

5. Rethink Placement

Instead of hanging one piece above the bed, consider a more unique placement and surround all the walls. Interior designer Tamsin Johnson piled two small pieces in a corner and then hung a large abstract painting on the adjacent wall in this hip room.

6. Built-In Bookcases

These hot air balloon printed wallcoverings bring a sense of dream and movement to the restroom. This is a beautiful way to frame a wall mounted shelf. Designer Katie Lyndon aptly described it as both classic and imaginative.