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7 Living Room Trends 2020 – Tips And Trends

7 Living Room Trends 2020 - Tips And Trends

As we go further into 2020, new living room trends offer all the inspiration needed to give family rooms an upgrade. Whether it’s redefining the whole space with shades of green paint that are trending and investing in linen sofas this season, or just enhancing soft furnishings with the latest bold and bold look.

The top new trends have something for everyone. You can choose a calm and relaxed back-to-nature look that makes you combine earthy colors (hello, terracotta) and natural materials (think rattan and hemp) or be creative with maximum vibration, from colorful carpets to blends – and match soft furniture.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong because it’s all about personal expression for 2020 …

1. Strip the look back to nature

‘There is a real wave for love of textures and organic type ingredients. Like rattan and sticks that can give interest when using comfortable fabrics to create a warm, unique and inviting atmosphere to your bedroom, ‘said Sam Hood, Co-founder & Creative Director

2. Shine a spotlight on lovely linen

“Over the past few seasons, Bright Velvets has dominated seat sales at Habitat, but in recent months we have seen an emerging trend for linen-finish sofas, which is rapidly increasing in popularity and occupying our best sellers list,” he explained. Laura Burnett, Young Buyer for Upholstery at Habitat.

Iving Gives an informal feel that is more relaxed, linen in a more neutral color (natural, gray, stonewash) experiences moments. With customers focused on using sedative materials at home, look at larger sofas such as our Askem design that utilizes the current ‘cocoon’ upholstery trend with soft padding to emphasize relaxation and escape from the outside world. ’

3. Mix and match maximalism

“Individuality will remain at the forefront of design for 2020,” said Philippa Prinsloo, partner and head of design, Home at John Lewis & Partners. Interiors When interior fans are looking for ways to revive their lives in their rooms without total repairs, carefully selected accessories and lighters will offer opportunities to have fun and inject personalities. ’

“In addition to beautiful and affordable timeless pieces, which consider the material and shape, it will be popular as a value of balance between buyers and sources with style and design.”

4. Blue sky thinking

“Whereas before, neutral tones have become the most popular for the living room, soft and versatile colors such as pink roses and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity for the coming season,” explained Helen Shaw, director of Benjamin Moore UK. ‘Blue works perfectly in a busy room where you want to form a sense of calm, like a chaotic family room.

‘Blue is one of the colors that requires our eyes to make little or no adjustments, which will help create a feeling of calm and harmony at home. Not only does color bring a sense of calm, but it also brightens, injecting more life and energy into space than the more traditional neutral tone. ‘

5. Thinking pink

“Rose pink is increasingly becoming a popular choice for various living room styles,” said Helen Shaw of Benjamin Moore. Lembut Soft pink and black can flatter any space and reflect our new desire to use blush in the adult space and introduce more overall color into our environment.

Refresh A refreshing alternative to other warm neutral colors such as cream or cream, pink roses are soft enough to flatter many looks, but bright enough to add a burst of joy into the room, reminiscent of a decade of blooming with potential. ‘

6.  Modern luxe

“The evolution of luxurious life, modern luxury embodies a blend of beautiful design and luxurious materials,” said Claire Wilks, the design team at Celebration Celebration of luxury and saturated color, this 2020 trend is contemporary traditional luxury. Bringing together carefully selected pieces that exude elegance and charm, it’s all about fine detail. ‘

‘Combine a few hints of brass and marble with rich colors like our newly launched Velvet paprika to bring the little luxury of life into your daily space.

7. Fabulous fluting and sumptuous curves

“Fluting emerged as a big trend last season and we believe it will continue into the next few years,” said Claire Wilks from

Experts at Sofology agree. Suzy McMahon, purchasing director of Sofology, said the curved and fluted shape will be the main living room trend going forward. He explained, ‘We have seen plump furniture growing in popularity as an inviting alternative to the more traditional corner line pieces. In particular, there has been a shift from the more formal arrangement of two couches facing each other to a more relaxed and curvaceous form that provides comfort and sample space for entertaining. ‘

He added, ‘With flowing lines, scalloped edges and beautiful grooves, our Perle sofa is a prominent example of curved design. We love the lively luxurious velvet lining, and the high tapering legs. ‘