8 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

8 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

The all-white kitchen will always be stylish, but you really can make your kitchen wall stand out with the addition of beautiful wallpapers. Inspired by your blue and white porcelain collection? Prefer a more contemporary gray and white palette? Want to add a touch of imagination? From subtle neutral patterns to bold graphic motifs – and a basket of fruit full of strange kitchen-themed designs – wallpaper choices today offer the right colors and patterns for any and all kitchen styles. Even better? Because most kitchen walls are covered with cabinets, appliances, and windows, you don’t need to invest large amounts of wallpaper to make a big impact. You also don’t have to commit to wallpaper throughout the kitchen.

1. Make a Statement with Wallpaper

To give the rural kitchen a more contemporary vibe, designer Megan Pflug enclosed a wall above the open shelf with a geometric wallpaper from Hicks Hexagon. He balanced the bold pattern with the calm gray walls below and the accent with the black metal accordion sconces.

2. Create a Wallpapered Kitchen Accent Wall

Give your kitchen a beautiful focal point with wallpaper just one wall. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when choosing a pattern. Let your kitchen reflect your personality with designs that suit you, like this spacious egret design. Make your color choices more impactful by using beautiful and practical white subway tiles in the kitchen work area.

3. Create a Sunny Wallpapered Breakfast Nook

Use wallpaper to turn a corner into a dining room in the kitchen. Here, the vibrant lemon-patterned wallpaper makes for a bright and cheerful breakfast scene. Continue the palette with chairs painted in lime-style paint and windy cafe curtains.

4. Choose Kitchen Wallpaper with a Twist

For the kitchen of his modern, rustic farmhouse, singer and songwriter Holly Williams paired his classic blue cabinet with an unexpected metallic black and white wallpaper. The floral patterns are in accordance with tradition, while the metallic luster provides a modern edge.

5. Add Style with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Do you have a fear of commitment? It is okay! Peel-and-stick wallpapers allow you to add fun colors and patterns to your kitchen without the immortality and expense of traditional wallpaper. When you’re bored with your design – or just want to try something new – it’s easy to remove without damaging your wall. So, please, go online!

6. Add Nostalgic Charm with Vintage-Style Kitchen Wallpaper

Awaken an attractive heart from an old farmhouse with nostalgic vintage-style wallpapers. To keep the kitchen of this house fresh and fresh, designers John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon from Madcap Cottage design firm grounded the classic rural air wallpaper with rustic wooden beams and tongue-and-grooves painted soft blue.

7. Use Wallpaper to Brighten the Inside of a Kitchen Hutch

Colorful plates, plates, and glassware really appear when you coat the dark interior of the storage with bright and bright wallpapers, like these cheerful yellow squares. This is an easy DIY project that you can handle over the weekend. Choose leather wallpapers and sticks to make it easier and eliminate the need for messy wallpaper paste.

8. Go Bold with Graphic Kitchen Wallpaper

Make your kitchen the happiest place at home with a wallpaper pattern that packs a pleasant punch. Your colorful wallpaper will have a stronger impact when paired with a neat white cabinet.