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8 Creative Ideas for Dining Room Walls

8 Creative Ideas for Dining Room Walls

The walls of our dining room are one room in our house that gives us creative permission to do something totally unexpected. Even the smallest dining room can handle patterned wallpapers and dark wall colors. Yes, your dining room is shared with family and guests, but most often it is empty. The good news is that because your dining room isn’t used 24/7, you can be more creative with colors and decorations. We like the idea of making our dining room a place where we want to spend more time

1. Warm up your dining room with reclaimed wood

It is a challenge to warm an open dining room or bring character to an ordinary room. Reclaimed wood accents are the current trend and can focus open dining spaces with color and texture. For a plain dining room, wooden accent walls add much-needed architectural elements.

2. Metallic wallpaper adds glam to a neutral dining room

If you want to keep your dining room looking neutral, textures and patterns are the secret to keeping it attractive. Metallic print wallpapers in contemporary patterns, and graphic patterns bring light into the room and highlight your lighting fixtures. Even the most neutral or minimalist rooms benefit from a little metal accent, as long as you keep the color palette simple.

3. Highlight architectural details with color

The innate dining room gives you the opportunity to add beautiful accent colors without painting any walls. There is no built-in wardrobe? No problem! Chinese cabinets, enclosures, and even bookshelves can be adjusted to color. You will want to choose the accent color that appears from the cabinet to really show it off. Sprinkle your accent colors around the room with table linens and artwork for a professionally designed style.

4. Create drama with your dining room ceiling

We know that our dining room has four walls, but did you know that there is a fifth wall to decorate? Your dining room ceiling is an important part of your decorating plan. Hanging lamps are often the focal point for your dining room, placing all eyes on your ceiling. You can take advantage of that extra wall by adding accent colors, reclaimed wood, or even wallpaper. The ceiling is your blank canvas.

5. Bold wallpaper + big accent color = dining room rockstar

We love the dining room with that “wow factor”. It’s easier than you think to create a stunning contemporary dining room in your home with wallpaper and color. One of the easiest ways to make a statement on the wall of your dining room is a wallpaper with a graphic pattern. Black, gray and white patterns give you a clear palette to add vivid accent colors. A simple color palette allows your wallpaper to shine and your accent color to play a supporting role.

6. A realistic photo mural opens up a small dining room

Photo murals on your wall can make your dining room look as if it lasts forever. A calming beach view mural provides a relaxing view for guests to enjoy with dinner. Treat your wall murals as accent walls, appealing colors to your decor palette.

7. Bold color on your dining room walls

We love bold colors, and your dining room is the perfect place to show it off. Like powder room, your dining room can handle your favorite colors easily. If you are not ready to paint each wall in your favorite thick colors, let your dining room architectural details be your guide. Chair rails, wainscoting, and wall molding provide color walls that are easily separated. If your dining room doesn’t have wall details that work with two-color walls, consider adding simple prints or lines separating the two colors.

8. Jazz up your casual dining room with stripes

We like the lines, especially on the walls. Thick horizontal lines can make a small dining room look bigger and give the illusion of architectural detail. You will want to make your lines simple with a few colors, especially if you have a small dining room. The artwork in the striped dining room looks best if it is simple and large – small or busy works of art that get lost on the wall of lines.