8 Design Subway Tile In Your Bathroom

8 Design Subway Tile In Your Bathroom

Although they originated in 1904 and were made for the notoriously not-so-clean public transportation system in New York City, subway tiles are as popular as in designer bathrooms. And there’s a reason why they are so loved in the design world: They are durable, classic, endless flexible, and affordable – especially compared to other bathroom surface materials. Whether you want to use bold colors, contrast with grout, play with patterns, or keep it simple, the limit isn’t there. So we highlight a trend that will never die with 8 neat bathrooms featuring subway tiles, from modern to unique and traditional styles. Read on to choose the subway tile bathroom idea that you want to remake (warning: you might not want to choose just one, so hopefully you repeat several bathrooms).

1. Protect Your Wallpaper

We love the mix of styles in the bathroom designed by Life / Style Studio. There is wallpaper imagination, classic floor time, subway tiles, and marble, and contrasting rural accent benches. One thing to keep in mind when decorating with wallpaper in the bathroom is how well it resists splash and moisture. See if you can print your favorite patterns on vinyl or other media that are more resistant to water, or keep away from sparking ranges in bathrooms that get a lot of traffic.

2. Introduce Texture

In this bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke, white subway tiles take a back seat so purple marble, sky blue paint, and yellow tile accents can shine – but they still offer some texture intrigue. Look carefully and you will see the flow.

3. Mimic Marble

If you like the look of marble, but don’t want to shop on marble floors for your entire bathroom wall, choose marble tiles. As you can see in the stylish bathroom by Heidi Caillier, it still has the look of cool natural stone.

4. Stack Them Vertically

Although most choose a bond pattern that is running, a clean stack can also look cool. Placing it vertically also extends the space. Here, Studio Life / Style creates a jewelry box by covering all surfaces in the bubblegum pink subway tile.

5. Use a Dark Grout

For geometric effects, stay away from traditional white choices. In the high-impact indoor / outdoor bathrooms designed by Studio / Lifestyle, dark grout makes white subway tiles increasingly popular.

6. Consider a Neutral Grout

Another option is to use neutral grout which plays earth tones throughout the space. It’s like graphics and statement making, but it makes a big difference in the overall look and feel. In this bathroom designed by Heidi Callier, warm nat spoke in a blush and brass tone.

7. Contrast With the Floors

Are there actually combos that are prettier than white and black? White subway tile walls are the perfect accent for black shower stalls and black and white penny tiles on the floor.

8. Choose a Fresh Color

Make a statement in the powder room with an unexpected thick pastel. In this bathroom designed by 2LG Studio, mint green subway tiles soften the speckled black and white sink base, matte black details, and Art Deco floor tiles.