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8 Important Things for a Modern Global Style

8 Important Things for a Modern Global Style

When you combine crisp, minimalist modern décor with an eclectic global feel, you get a unique and balanced decoration style. Not cluttered but not clean, Global Global’s decoration reflects a mature approach to vibrant Bohemia sensibilities and practical Modernism. From textures and colors to furniture designs, Modern Global home decor is a neat marriage with two very different styles.

1. Neutral Backgrounds

Cream, gray and light brown are the perfect backgrounds for Global Modern decor. Simple and neutral pallets open the way for bold textures, patterns and colors that make this style more eclectic. In addition to the color of your walls, you can combine this neutral palette with tables, chairs and sofas in a soothing tone.

2. Pops of Jewel Tones

Modern Global has a color palette that is more focused than the original Bohemian style. Create a balance between neutral and bright colors by using patterned pillows or brightly colored rugs to make your bright colors appear. You can find a brown, red or green middle ground, but don’t be afraid to add bright purple, blue and yellow to the mixture.

3. Blended Patterns

Neat global decoration includes bold geometry and bright colors found in patterns throughout the world. When paired with a modern neutral blank canvas, these patterns actually emerge. Look at Japanese shibori, African wax printing, ties, and other prominent patterns in blankets, area rugs and rugs to decorate your home.

4. Mixed Styles

Global culture is not the only thing that Global Global brings together. This is an eclectic style that can take on a different aesthetic naturally. Glamorous gold accents, iron industrial equipment, and modern medieval chairs look right at home next to heavy traditional statues and sculptures.

5. Plenty of Plants

Whether you add palm prints or real palm leaves, plants add an element of beauty to any room and work very well with Modern Global decor. The palms, figs, succulents and cacti all add to the Boho side of this style. For migrants who continue to adventure, consider silk or artificial plants that will stay alive for all your trips.

6. Metallic Accents

The fine luster of gold, bronze or brass blends with neutral tones and gems found in the Global Modern style. From chandeliers to lamps and planters, this type of metal accent will complement your decorating scheme perfectly. For a bolder look, try using a gold or metal mirror in the Global modern bedroom or living room.

7. Natural Materials

Part of the charm of Modern Global dressing comes from the lack of too much material produced. Natural fibers such as burlap, plait and cotton work well in seats, baskets and rugs while other natural elements such as wood, stone and clay create an earthy feel that can be approached in your room.

8. Comfy Floor Seating

To add a touch of Morocco to your Global Modern living room, consider comfortable floor seating, footrests, or pouf for guests. When paired with a low table, decorative lamps and rugs, you can create an exotic atmosphere in any room with this unique seating option.