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8 Moroccan Living Room Ideas

8 Moroccan Living Room Ideas

This luxurious, original Moroccan living room with its bright pink walls, perforated metal lanterns and velvet-covered banquet designed by the late French architect Jean-François Zevaco for the late Moroccan businessman Brahim Zniber is difficult to copy without a carved and painted ceiling, dramatic windows and architectural arches. But the Moroccan living room has long been an inspiration for designers around the world, and Moroccan elements can be incorporated into any interior.

1. Moroccan Living Rooms

The Moroccan living room is a comfortable space that includes many choices of seating to gather with friends and family, such as fabric upholstered chairs such as a sofa covered with an accented sofa with a large coffee table or several small tables. Additional seating options often include classic Moroccan leather floor pouf, carved wood or carved metal chairs, and benches. Moroccan chandeliers and metal sconces are known for their sculptural appearance and magical shadow patterns when illuminated at night. Moroccan textiles include cushions in many textures, colors, and patterns, woven throws, and Berber carpets that work well in traditional settings such as in modern medieval interiors where they are popular and in contemporary homes today.

While bold and selfless colors and patterns are one of the hallmarks of Moroccan design, they are also characterized by carved handicraft accessories in natural materials, such as classic white and black graphic patterns from Beni Ourain carpets, wicker baskets, and textiles such as throwing pom pom wool and Moroccan wedding blankets. This Moroccan decoration element can add texture and interest to contemporary cake cutting rooms, and combine with medieval, Scandinavian, and other popular industrial styles to create a layered, multi-dimensional worldly appearance.

2. Eclectic Vibes

Interior designer Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design uses some of Morocco’s main decorating elements to fill the living room of the classic Spanish Wallace Neff home in Pasadena with “eclectic vibrations, good travel” to match the lifestyle and experience of its clients. “I saw how vintage brass lamps, the shape of a fireplace, Persian vintage rugs on ottomans and wrought iron benches worked together to create the Andalusian effect,” Burnham said. “To keep the room from moving too far in that direction (I never wanted the room to look like a y-theme), we continued to do medieval touches like the womb chair and Noguchi and then on the table at the back of the room – as well as classic American pieces like corduroy couches and rugby-striped curtains. ”

3. Neutral Moroccan With Industrial Touches

The neutral living room design palette from El Ramla Hamra is given depth with textiles in dark colors, Beni Ourain graphic rugs, and wealth with handicraft accessories such as carved wooden bowls and candles. Industrial touches like rugged palette coffee tables and industrial floor lamps reinforce the look, bright white sofas keep them fresh and contemporary, and Beni Ourain’s graphic woven carpets in geometric patterns tie everything together.

4. Moroccan Makeover

From the King’s Palace in Marrakech to all the charming riads in Morocco, I was inspired by the arches and bright and happy colors, “said Minneapolis-based interior designer Lucy Penfield, from Lucy Interior Design. She provided comfortable window chairs in the Mediterranean- Moroccan-inspired makeup style house with Moorish arches, he accesses a seating area with carved benches in bright colors and Moroccan leather pouf on the floor to create an inviting space with several seating options that are a nod of Moroccan style with a modern feel.

5. Neo Retro Moroccan Mid-Century

The Moroccan style was popular in the mid-20th century, and many elements and objects of Moroccan interior design have become so mainstream that you find them integrated into modern interiors to the point that many people might not even recognize it as Moroccan. The high-spirited neo-retro living room by Dabito at Old Brand New includes Moroccan classics such as Beni Ourain rugs, medieval-style chairs, and bright and bold textiles everywhere that channel Moroccan talent for color, pattern and excitement.

6. Streamlined With Moroccan Accents

In this contemporary living room, Dabito at Old Brand New creates a sleek and vibrant space that displays Moroccan textiles such as Berber carpets and floor pouf. Blows of color and patterned textiles on the sofa add warmth and excitement to the design of the living room.

7. Covered Outdoor Living Area

This spacious indoor-outdoor living room has traditional carved wooden chairs, lively windy curtains, and classic Moroccan metal lanterns that look like sculptures by day and create intricate shadows that daydream on the ceiling at night.

8. Outdoor Living Rooms

The Moroccan climate is suitable for outdoor living and Moroccan homes have all kinds of al fresco living room settings – from a rooftop living room with lots of luxurious textiles and seating, plus a very important shield from the burning sun’s heat, to an abundant side terrace. seating to spend the afternoon between friends and family. Take lessons from the Moroccan style and make every living space, inside or outside, as attractive as the main living space.