8 Pink and Gray Bedroom Ideas

8 Pink and Gray Bedroom Ideas

Before you fall in love with the bedroom color scheme, you will want to see an unexpected combination of designer love: pink and gray. The bedrooms are soft, romantic, and soothing, pink and gray make for some serious space to dream of. But they can also be arranged in a fresh and edgy way too. Keep reading for twenty-one neat ways to anchor your bedroom around pink and gray in your style, from modern to bohemian and traditional.

1. Sweet and Classic

Let’s start with the classic. In this bedroom designed by Studio DB, the luxurious gray carpet matches the velvet headrests while the mirrored nightstand adds luxury. The warmth of the pink sheet and the gold-framed mirror finish it all with just a touch of contrast.

2. Bright and Cool

When decorating an all-white room, keep things interesting by mixing different textures with muted neutral splashes, such as pink and gray. Here, Leanne Ford painted open brick walls and chose a bed frame from the stone effect.

3. Eclectic and Fun

Each item is carefully chosen to work in a small space, while squeezing in tons of pink and gray personalities. For example, the narrow bedroom table fits into a small corner perfectly, and because it’s on the leaner side, they make sure the two-tiered table on the other side of the bed offers additional surface space. Then, they walk vertically with a gallery of walls to attract the eye.

4. Vibrant and Fun

So many shades of pink and gray in the main bedroom in the home of designer Janie Molster. Rich bubblegum velvet pieces along with pastel curtains contribute to full taste, warmth, and energy, while clean linen and classic gray and white chairs present a timeless touch and dramatic suzani sets a bohemian tone.

5. Coastal and Laidback

Choose coral pink for a more saturated and edgy effect. In this eclectic and quiet room, Tamsin Johnson let the natural stone floor determine the color scheme. The tie-dye pitch refers to pink and orange edges and with a blanket reflecting a cooler marble tone.

6. Contemporary and Timeless

To warm a cool gray bench and a clean white bed, Chloe Warner from Redmond Aldrich Design chose a cream background with peach tones on the wall.

7. Bohemian and Retro-Inspired

The simplicity of gray painted walls contributes to the bohemian environment that lives in them, while also cooling it from wooden bed frames, cream carpets, brass sconces, and blush on linen blankets.

8. Cheeky and Industrial

Although pink and gray may have a reputation for being sweet, they can also be tense and brave. The core problem? Fiona Lynch Studio lights up this pink and gray room with naughty neon lights.