9 retro bathrooms that show that modern is not always the best

9 retro bathrooms that show that modern is not always the best

Over the years, we have seen our fair share of homes with well-designed modern bathrooms. From a light-washed half-duplex in northern Vancouver with a dazzling black marble bathroom to a boho-chic abode in Los Angeles with a stunning master bathroom with green zellige tiles to a minimalist apartment on the Lower East Side with a dramatic guest Jet black bath, our home visitor library is full of stunning homes with modern modern bathrooms.

That said, it would be negligent if we overlook lovely houses with relatively “outdated” retro bathrooms. With porcelain pedestal sinks, tubs with legs, and splashes of square subway tiles, these retro bathrooms are packed with delicious design details that are often misunderstood as obsolete. Need a little more convincing? Later, we have gathered 14 retro bathrooms that show that modern is not always the best. Keep scrolling to see them all.

1. The retro bathroom with pedestal sink and flat panel lining

In the light-filled bathroom of the coveted stylist Scott Horne, a porcelain pedestal sink and a flat paneled wall treatment emanate retro vibrations. Meanwhile, a round mirror with metal frame, an elegant silver faucet and contemporary art show that some updates can be very useful to give a retro space a modern touch.

2. The retro bathroom with penny tile floors and a bathtub with legs

Charming details abound in this bathroom designed by Emma Reddington, editor in chief of House & Home and founder of the popular design site The Marion House Book. Complete with penny floors, a pedestal sink, wood paneling and a bathtub with legs, this retro bathroom is proof that sometimes more is more.

3. The retro bathroom with hexagonal mosaic floors and a bathtub with legs

Hexagonal tile floors? Check. A square wall of subway tiles? Check. A full-legged bathtub with an exposed pipe shower and a bathtub faucet and a wall-mounted shower curtain? Verify, verify and verify. In other words, this retro-inspired bathroom designed by Anthony Dargenzio of Zio & Sons marks all the boxes.

4. The retro bathroom with double enameled cast iron washbasin

The outstanding feature in this retro bathroom cannot be confused: a double enamelled cast iron basin equipped with a pair of classic curved faucets. The penny tile floors and square subway tiles add to the retro aesthetics of this lovely bathroom conceptualized by the designers behind the Nune interior design studio.

5. The retro bathroom with penny tile floors and subway tile walls

Let Leanne Ford design a retro-inspired bathroom that takes out all the stops. Seriously, this space has everything: penny tile floors, subway tile walls, faucets and vintage-looking shower heads, and a bathtub adorned with claw feet. Even a classic totally white color palette that will never go out of style or go out of style.

6. The retro bathroom with a bathtub adorned with legs and walls with wooden panels

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A luxurious bathtub with legs with ornate legs steals the spotlight in this retro bathroom designed by Emily Henderson. Juxtaposed to walls clad in wood panels painted in a deep shade of navy blue and floors with gray marble tiles, the white vintage-looking bathtub stands out in a room dominated by dark and changing tones.

7. The retro bathroom with square subway tile walls and penny tile floors

This classic Stefani Stein bathroom is full of vintage-inspired details that are worth noting. Keep in mind that penny tile floors, square subway tile walls and old dresser became dressers. The decoration and the traditional inclination finishes (the painting of the seascape, the vintage carpet and the pot of golden shells) complete the appearance.

8. The retro bathroom with a bathtub with worn cast iron legs

Nothing says retro like a bathtub with worn cast iron legs, as this old bathroom shows. Instead of a traditional bath mat, a plush rug is placed on a vintage rug, adding a tactile element to the space that contrasts very well with the worn out bathtub. A large mirror visually duplicates the square footage of the small space.

9. The retro bathroom with a spectacular green tone and a bathtub with legs

At the same time vintage and modern, this stunning bathroom designed by the talented New York-based design studio team Workstead represents the best of both worlds. The dark green paint covers the walls and moldings of the space, making the historical architectural details of the space look and feel new and modern instantly. A contemporary chandelier and abstract painting further update the retro bathroom.