These Are Our 10 Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors

These Are Our 10 Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors

Adding color is the best way to change things in the kitchen – without renovations, without construction, only paint and brushes. Whether you are the type of person or someone who likes any passionate music, we collected more than 30 kitchens with beautiful paint colors to help you get started. Hit your cupboard in bright blue and red, or a large room with soothing gray or green … No matter what your color preferences are – or if you are really confused looking for inspiration – we have fresh kitchen paint color ideas, designer examples, and shopping tips to guide you. More than white people? Head here for our favorite nuances.

1. Marigold

In this DeVol kitchen, warm marigold paint is connected to the cold gray cabinet. Floor tiles speak in a gray tone while gold hardware complements the yellow color for a cohesive whole. For the same taste, choose a yellow paint that is clean and bright but also rich enough to warm up.

2. Lavender

This kitchen is unique but timeless, glamorous but down to earth. The round of lavender paint on the background of the buttercream complements the intricate blue chandelier too. Then, the neutral cabinet and neutral island become space.

3. Dark Navy

Designed by Heidi Caillier, this kitchen is a gloomy masterpiece thanks to the dark blue full of emotion. Wooden counters and backsplash keep the room warm and casual while deep and almost dark paint makes the atmosphere intimate and comfortable. In certain light, it can look really blue, while in others, it almost looks black.

4. Crimson

Feel adventurous? Take notes from this kitchen. Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer chose a warm color palette and packed a lot of rich texture material into a small space to make it feel less conspicuous. The red anchor brings full and sultry feel to the room.

5. Pale Yellow

Look at this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors and paint your kitchen bright colors, like yellow butter. Then place the rug area with ice cubes for a fresh and bold anchor. Large white and gold drum pendants also speak with beautiful paint colors. Soft and pleasant.

6. Wine Red

Enjoy the glamor with a very shiny dark red wine. Strong and full colors add depth and glamor. Proof? This kitchen is by Nick Olsen, where geometric tiles pump everything to the next level.

7. Blush Pink

A soft and delicate pink color that gives a touch of tenacity looks very good when paired with geometric cuts that are more modern and sleek. In this kitchen designed by GRT Architects, the modern lines and color palette feel fresh and modern, while the pink color makes it feel open and bright.

8. Bright Blue

Paint the lower cabinet with a striking blue color and then soften everything with super lightweight pistachio tiles for the wall, like designer Regan Baker in this kitchen.

9. Light Taupe

Sandy beige keeps things neutral but stands out more than cream or super bright gray. We actually dug up a black and gray stained wooden cupboard in this deVOL kitchen too. Varying the tone (plus texture) adds attraction to neutral space.

10. Bright White

There is nothing wrong with the white kitchen. This design trend, like Leanne Ford’s here, is very suitable for rooms where cleanliness is very important.